The Epoxy Europe Safety App is an online tutorial designed to provide expert information to epoxy users for working with epoxy resins safely. The app is divided into four chapters with a chapter dedicated to safety protocols for each of the three phases of working with epoxies. The chapters include: 

  • Pre-use instructions 
  • Safety instructions to bear in mind while working with epoxies 
  • Cleaning instructions post use  
  • How to dispose epoxies safely and responsibly 
  • Personal Protective Equipment to use while working with epoxies  
  • First Aid protocol to follow in case of accidents 

Each chapter includes practise exercises at the end to help users memorise the information covered in the tutorial. Once a user has completed the tutorial, they can take the test provided at the end to check their knowledge of the safety protocols outlined in the app. On successful completion of the test the users are awarded a certificate as proof of completion. While there is no limit to the validity of the certificate, the users are encouraged to take the test annually to refresh their knowledge. 

The app also includes a Frequently Asked Questions section to cover additional queries that a user might have about the app and on safe handling of epoxies.  

Visit the app here or scan the QR code below.