Restricting epoxy resins impacts economy and may not have the desired effect on the environment.

The German Federal Environment Agency (UBA) has submitted a preliminary draft for a restriction of BPA uses and residues. The restriction envisioned affects several BPA-based epoxy resins and articles made of those. This will directly impact the value chains of key industrial sectors in Europe.

Epoxy Europe, as sector group of Cefic, understands the concerns raised about the release of BPA into the environment and supports European authorities in minimising the environmental impact. Finding the right approach to achieve this goal is essential. Restricting epoxy resins may lead to economic uncertainty, in turn causing unwanted impacts on the economy. Epoxy Europe therefore recommends that economic risks are considered in the further development of the regulatory framework for BPA-based products.

¬†Read Epoxy Europe’s position statement and reccommendations on the draft restriction of bisphenol A (BPA) here.