15 May 2020

Improving the water shift in coatings: Ultra-low or no-VOC waterborne epoxies

A new generation of ultra-low and no-VOC waterborne epoxy technology is now available on the marketplace. They have been developed for those applications, where environmentally-friendly alternatives are required or useful.

17 June 2019

Epoxy is helping the world go green

Epoxies’ high insulation properties ensure the stable and safe transmission and distribution of electricity. But, perhaps lesser known is the important role that epoxy resins now play in supporting the transition to an even smarter grid and a greener generation of electricity.

04 April 2019

Epoxy has the power: electrical components & insulators

Epoxy resins have been used in power engineering for more than six decades and they still provide the best performance for electrical components. Their high-performance insulation properties are ideal for components found in switchgear, disconnectors, bus-ducts, rolling stocks, generators and drives,  especially in more demanding high-voltage and outdoor application requiring mechanical toughness and weather resistance.

13 February 2019

Epoxy coatings in food cans: Preserving life for long

Canned food has become a staple in our kitchens, hospitals, schools and supermarkets. However, as it often happens with everyday items, the many benefits they bring us daily can go overlooked. From easy transportation and storage to a significant reduction of food waste, cans are one of the greatest ways to make sure that food can be consumed at its best for a long, long time.

03 October 2018

Water pipes & epoxy: preserving our source of life

From the Bronze Age onwards, the development of urban civilizations has relied to a great extent on hydraulic systems. A high level of sophistication in water management technologies was already reached by Indus and Mesopotamians, followed by Greeks and Romans. Today we admire the ancient Roman aqueducts still standing in Europe and Northern Africa – but importantly, we can also draw inspiration from their engineering prowess.

13 August 2018

Solid as a rock: epoxy-based chemical anchors in construction

Since the early days of mankind, we have managed to put our tools and ideas at the service of our living and working environment demands. Building the world we know today has taken years of dedication and constant evolution. In our efforts we have tried out lots of different materials and all possible ways to make sure they stay together, until we discovered epoxy chemical anchors.

06 June 2018

Smooth sailing with epoxies

Sailing has been one of the most widely used forms of transportation throughout human history. Today, are still a major driving force behind our global economy, and epoxies help protect them across the seven seas.

26 April 2018

Ready, steady, go! Epoxy resins keep you in shape

Exercising is good for your body and mind but it can also be very tiring and challenging, especially if you are not using the right equipment. Epoxy resins have proven to be a supportive ally for staying fit and healthy, whether you’re playing tennis, whizzing down the ski slopes or dribbling the ball with your hockey stick.  

22 February 2018

Epoxy powder coatings: why so popular?

Tired of mediocre coatings, constructors started to seek ways of having a new type of resin that could be used in solvent borne and powder coatings. The efforts paid off and solid epoxy resins, both with middle and high molecular weight, were born.

11 December 2017

Epoxy adhesives, the bonding material

Epoxies can go a long way! Especially epoxy-based adhesives: a small amount can glue materials as different as wood, metal, plastic, rubber, glass, ceramic or stone. And if it wasn’t for adhesives, how could we start building large infrastructures?

14 November 2017

High-flying Epoxies

It was 1947 when Howard Hughes, the US visionary aviator and aircraft designer, used epoxies for the first time in the construction of his airlift flying boat “Spruce Goose”. Since then, epoxies and aircraft design have been inseparable.

10 October 2017

Don’t slip, there’s grip!

A good floor coating should prevent you from slipping and sliding, but in some floors you want more than that. Epoxy flooring systems can be tailored to each application in terms of resistance, colour or ease to apply.

30 August 2017

Epoxy resins hitting the road

There are many things to consider when buying a new car, and its resiliance and lifespan are indeed important ones. Epoxies have proved to be an excellent coating for your car, protecting it against bad weather conditions and the passing of time.

31 July 2017

Arts & crafts: the final Touch

Epoxies are found in a variety of applications, but there is a group on which they are especially discreet: the world of arts and crafts. Without drawing too much attention, these resins are increasingly popular among artists and craftsmen. Find out why!