Application of the month

  • New epoxy hits underwater renovations

    The novel material can be hardened under water Epoxies can make our cars last longer, our smartphones perform better and our water pipes stay healthy. The benefits of epoxy resins are countless an... Read more

    03 October 2018

  • Epoxy can save lives – even before we are born

    Surgical interventions, such as removing a tumour or correcting a spine, are always tricky procedures. In some cases, they happen before we are born. What seemed impossible a few years back is now a r... Read more

    14 August 2018

  • Epoxies walking on sunshine

    Anyone asked to think of a sunny place probably would not put Scotland at the top of their list. That might be why Scots try to make the most of the little sunshine they have, especially when it comes... Read more

    06 June 2018

  • Epoxies in jewellery: a hidden gem

    We often talk about epoxies in industrial, life-changing and innovative applications, but these resins can have other, more delicate uses. Their well-known versatility allows them to be used in differ... Read more

    26 April 2018

  • Epoxies in prosthetics: helping athletes reach the finish line

    We can all picture a super-hero with a cape flying over town to save someone’s life. These are movie and comic heroes, but what do they look like in real life? Some of them are indeed saving lives,... Read more

    22 February 2018

  • Epoxies to the rescue: giving animals a second chance

    We’ve all been there. We are walking around the woods contemplating the trees, when all of a sudden… crack! Sometimes it’s just a stick but it can be an unfortunate animal we have accidently ste... Read more

    11 December 2017

  • Insect eyes inspire a new solar panel generation

    Arthropod eye Insect eyes have something hypnotical. Their strange, intricate shapes and unusual large size, so different to other species, have kept entomologists busy explaining what makes them... Read more

    14 November 2017

  • Epoxy brings a second life to critical infrastructures

    Buildings, roads, bridges, tunnels… They surround us, exposed to all sorts of weather conditions and quite often lasting decades, even centuries. Those in charge of their maintenance face some major... Read more

    10 October 2017

  • Epoxy, the new invisibility cloak

    We all like to visit beautiful buildings and appreciate their ornamental façades without visual interruptions. But we also acknowledge the benefits of solar panels which, although unsightly, can prov... Read more

    30 August 2017

  • Epoxy resurrects colossi in Egypt

    Time has no mercy, and what used to be a gigantic glorious sculpture can be reduced to ruins today. This, however, does not mean there is no hope for the avid historian who wishes to enjoy archeologic... Read more

    31 July 2017